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Who We Are

Crowdfunding for the Communtiy

BlackStartup is a crowdfunding platform dedicated to projects and ideas that have a positive impact on minority communities.

What We Do

We Grow Businesses

Minority businesses, while created at a higher rate than those of the majority community, are often forced to close their doors more readily due to a lack of education and the lack of access to resources. We believe crowdfunding is a tool that democratizes finance and provides a platform where entrepreneurs can both finance their enterprise and market their wares. Through our platform, we also provide business development services to help minority entrepreneurs understand the frameworks of entrepreneurship and assist them in navigating the marketplace. Through our web portal, members of the community are able to easily support each other by identifying interesting enterprises and aggreing to support their growth in exchange for a financial pledge.  

What We Believe

We Believe That Change Comes From Within

It is the responsibility of the community to create the reality where all men are created equally. As we continue to grow and learn as a community, it is incumbent upon those who have reached some level of success to lift their neighbor as they climb upon the ladder of achievement.

We Believe in Supporting Each Other

There are thousands of fledgling and successful minority enterprises across the world.  By supporting each other, we support ourselves.

We Believe in Controlling the Narrative

By controlling the narrative, we empower our community by taking control of the images and ideas that permeate society. As we assume the role of creator, rather than solely serving as consumers, we find a unique beauty and perspective that is valuable those within and without the community. 

How We Work

We Rely on the Support of Our Community

Our team sources and posts viable enterprises to the site, while backers identify enterprises they’re interested in making a financial pledge toward. Those interested in BlackStartup’s Business Assistance Program or our crowdfunding platform should contact our team for more information.

BlackStartup 2014 - Silicon Valley, CA